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Clinton Boys

I am an Australian data scientist and mathematician, living in Tel Aviv.

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Article collection

On this page I keep a repository of interesting longform articles I’ve read from all over the web.


  • A cult psychedelic drug camp in South Africa
  • Surprisingly beautiful article about the nostalgia of fast food
  • An erudite and informed history of the problematic state of Yemen
  • Wired’s optimistic take on the Apple watch and its ability to transform our relationship with smartphones
  • Interesting Vice article about Huntsville, Texas, a city built around a complex of prisons and the execution capital of America.
  • In-depth look at the problems Hillary Clinton’s campaign will face next year.
  • David Simon, creator of The Wire, interviews Richard Price
  • Very interesting 538 piece about the world championships in crossword puzzles
  • New Yorker profile of Elizabeth Warren
  • Excerpt from a David Simon speech about the failures of capitalism in American society
  • A very factual and chilling account of a controversial botched execution by lethal injection in Oklahoma
  • Best article I’ve read about ISIS so far
  • Interesting article about the discrepancies in the trans-Tasman relationship
  • Great New Yorker piece on the utter unbelievability of America’s gun laws
  • Immigration problems in a part of the world I didn’t know anything at all about (the Dominican Republic)
  • A fantastically written introduction to the philosophy of programming for the layperson
  • Article about the fishing industry and its sustainability problems


  • John Siracusa’s yearly review of the new OSX.
  • Another member of the Israeli intelligentsia distancing himself from the State of Israel
  • As the US midterms get closer, an interesting piece on the enduring power of former president Bill Clinton
  • Great article about the controversial contribution of Airbnb to New York City culture
  • A sports journalist spends some time at a table tennis convention
  • An accessible look at the garbage science used by climate change skeptics
  • Article on another (albeit small) hurdle to the Israel-Palestine peace process
  • Old profile of Alan Jones by David Salter
  • Great article about a big-time counterfeit operation in the USA
  • Profile of the nascent content moderation industry and the unforeseen toll it takes on its employees