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Clinton Boys

Australian data scientist and mathematician, living in Tel Aviv.

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This page contains a quick overview of what I’m doing right now. I try to update it every couple of months.

Last updated: January 5, 2021


I’ve been working at Via since August 2018. I’m leading a team of data scientists and algorithm engineers building tools to solve supply planning problems.


Lately I’ve fallen rather deeply down the rabbit-hole of configuring emacs and I’m spending more and more time using it as a tool for pretty much everything I do on a computer outside the browser. I’ve recently made my personal configuration, which I built from scratch after studying a bunch of interesting peoples’ configurations, available on Github for interested people to look at. My main achievement in the last few months is successfully setting up emacs as a Python IDE which means I can now spend most of my workday there too.


I realised I missed the academic experience of sitting in lectures and learning things by someone smart explaining them to you, so I found a subject I’ve always wanted to understand and started watching a fantastic lecture series on Youtube: David Silvers from DeepMind has a freely available ten lecture course on reinforcement learning. Enjoying it immensely.

Other stuff

  • My son Leo was born in February 2020 and much of my time at the moment is devoted to him.
  • I’m finally getting back into running after almost a year off (possibly related to the previous item).


  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.
  • The Arab of the Future by Riad Sattouf.


  • Crooked Fingers by Crooked Fingers.
  • Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave alone at Alexandra Palace.
  • songs by Adrianne Lenker.
  • Third by Big Star.