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I am an Australian data scientist and mathematician, living in Tel Aviv.

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Detecting credit card fraud in Python

I have been trying recently to find an example dataset which takes me out of my comfort zone for classification problems a little bit by having a large imbal...

Fixing the Trendy scraper

My Google trends scraper is the most popular post on this site, and I’ve been getting questions about it for the last year or so, ever since Google changed t...

The Bias-Variance tradeoff

The Bias-Variance tradeoff is an extremely important concept in statistical modelling which is often misinterpreted or poorly understood. In this post I’ll g...


The Setup

In this post I answer the interview questions from The Setup. This is an updated version of this post which I first wrote here in April 2015.

Call your mum

Since moving overseas away from my family and friends nearly two years ago, one problem I have had is keeping in touch with everyone. A combination of distan...


Lifetime flight simulator

I spent a few hours today writing a basic first draft of a data-driven text-based “game” which demonstrates just how safe air travel is. The code for the gam...

The Setup

In this post I answer the interview questions from The Setup.

Pitchfork and my iTunes library

I listen to a lot of music and for more than a decade now my main source of discovering new music has been, particularly since all my friends o...

First-year philosophy

I’ve been spending January and February teaching MATH1002 Linear Algebra at the Summer School at the University of Sydney. I’m trying a whole bunch of new th...


Scraping Gumtree is a trading post website, largely used by private sellers interacting with each other off-site to sell used goods. One particularly common us...