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Clinton Boys

Australian data scientist and mathematician, living in Tel Aviv.

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This page contains a quick overview of what I’m doing right now. I try to update it every couple of months.

Last updated: April 9, 2021. You can see the full history of this page here.


I’ve been working at Via since August 2018. I’m leading a team of data scientists and algorithm engineers building tools to solve supply planning problems.

Digital garden

I have become very interested in the idea of digital gardens in the last year or so and have created my own here. It is supposed to be a much less polished place to share my notes and thoughts, a small public-facing slice of my much larger Zettelkasten.

There is a growing community online of people building these carefully tended online spaces and I find the idea inspiring. I’ve tied it in very nicely with my recent delve into the emacs / org-mode / org-roam rabbithole.


  • Watching in real time as a tiny human learns how to walk and speak.
  • Back riding my bike after a while and really enjoying it.
  • Got the new M1 MacBook Air. The most significant upgrade in using a computer since the first time I had an SSD drive.


  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (doing my best on my second attempt).


  • Mwng by Super Furry Animals.
  • Atlantic by The Weather Report.
  • They Want My Soul by Spoon.