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Clinton Boys

I am an Australian data scientist and mathematician, living in Tel Aviv.

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  • It’s an ongoing project of mine to develop a forecasting model for elections in Australia. I’ve made a number of posts on this website about the pitfalls and difficulties of coming up with such a model (starting here).
  • I wrote a primitive scraper for trading post website using the Python packages BeautifulSoup and requests, which persistently searches the site for a given query and sends an email using Mandrill when there are new results (for example when you’re after concert tickets).
  • I wrote a trendy scraper for Google trends which gives daily data for queries across long timescales (Google trends only outputs weekly data for periods longer than a few months). See the post here, or see the updated code in the Github repo.
  • I wrote a very basic poll aggregator (starting here) for the 2015 Israeli elections; like all the polls it aggregated it turned out to be very wrong in the end.
  • There are some other posts on this website about data and data science:
    • Here I quantify how much of a Pitchfork sychophant I am (not as much as I thought).
    • Starting here I do some sentiment analysis of Twitter data for tweets posted during the broadcast of an Australian political panel show infamous for its lively Twitter feed.
    • Here I wrote a tongue-in-cheek game to demonstrate the safety of air travel.


  • My PhD thesis, submitted in 2014, was titled Alternating quiver Hecke algebras. It consisted of a careful and complete study of a new family of algebras, which generalise and build on important recent work. The main theorem of my thesis gives an explicit isomorphism between my new family of algebras and a family of classical objects which have been studied for over a century, providing new insight and structure for these objects. I wrote a FAQ about my PhD here.
  • You can find a list of my published mathematics papers here.
  • I was involved in creating a series of audio-visual learning modules for the University of Sydney’s Mathematics Learning Centre to help HSC students quickly develop mathematics skills which are prerequisites for university courses.
  • I ran the first-year linear algebra course MATH1002 for the University of Sydney Summer School in 2015. I took a much different approach to the course than in previous years, running the whole thing through a Wordpress blog. I received a lot of very positive feedback from students on this experimental and forward-thinking course design.

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  • I’m a keen amateur (very) photographer: all over this website you can find examples of my photographs taken all over the world.
  • Here I made a simple Python application which reminds busy expats to call their mums.
  • I very much enjoy jogging, particularly new places I haven’t explored yet.
  • When I was twelve I wrote a novel about a motley crew of magical futuristic cat detectives. It was well-received by my mother: I’m still searching for a publisher.