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Clinton Boys

I am an Australian data scientist living in Tel Aviv, just completed my PhD in pure mathematics.

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Welcome to the personal website of Clinton Boys. I am an Australian living in Tel Aviv, and I recently completed my PhD in Pure Mathematics. This website contains a partial (and growing) collection of projects of mine, as well as my blog, which consists of a variety of personal and technical posts. It also features some of my photographs from my travels throughout the world.

Recent Posts

Five months of data science

It’s been more than five months since I started working as a data scientist. Since I taught myself most of the specific technical skills I needed, I thought ...

Emma Chisit's new home

Today I registered Emma Chisit’s new domain,, and started planning the website. Somehow the domain was already registered!

Regression and stepwise selection

I had quite a bit of trouble learning statistics in my undergraduate degree, mainly because of the dry way theoretical statistics is taught. Because of this,...

Lifetime flight simulator

I spent a few hours today writing a basic first draft of a data-driven text-based “game” which demonstrates just how safe air travel is. The code for the gam...

Playing with data in Excel and pandas

I spend a lot of my time at work turning .CSV files generated by SQL queries that I’ve written into meaningful insights. The first step in this process is al...